Attention Production Suppliers:
The eServe portal has been discontinued due to ongoing system issues.

Payment remittance and open invoice details are now provided via email. For questions regarding any deductions
or line items that you cannot identify, please contact the applicable Lear plant. Supplier contact and/or bank
changes should be forwarded to your respective Lear purchasing buyer.

Both Microsoft Edge and Chrome can be used for the following applications in
- User Enrollment (Supplier ADMIN maintains ALL Users)
- SQS -- Supplier Quote Sheet
- LPRS -- Supplier PO Retrieval

Access for LPRS, SQTS/SRS and ProFile can be made directly:
- SQTS and SRS --
- LPRS --
- ProFile --

ATTENTION: Supplier Bulletin Notification has been moved to:
Archives of previous bulletins issued can be found: